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About Us

Heat Innovations is a (family owned) Hydronic Supply and Design company based in Winkler Manitoba. Our company's history began in the early 1970s. It was then that a keen interest was sparked in the area of hot water, or hydronic, heating. As time moved on, more advanced products became available and the market grew for this type of system. "Comfort and efficiency" were the primary benefits and new ideas were popping up to boost energy savings and add versatility.

Heat Innovations took the lead and soon became the manufacturing and distribution center for hydronic heating equipment and supplies across the country. We employ CIPH certified designers as our sales people, assemblers, and designers. Our entire business is dedicated to hydronics. For this reason we put all of our purchasing efforts into the right vendors and products to forward on the best pricing, value, products and end result for our customers. You can be confident that you’re getting it done right when you work with Heat Innovations Inc.

Meet Our Team