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Over the years we have become known for being the best at what we do. We credit a big part of our reputation to the products we use. We're exceptionally picky with our gas boiler offering and only offer the best. We only build with High Efficiency boilers and believe that when it comes to Natural Gas or Propane boilers there is none better then NTI. They are made right here, in Canada, and are built to withstand our harsh Canadian Winters. Whether you are in Vancover BC, or St. John's Newfoundland, NTI is the right choice when it comes to gas fired boilers. With an outstanding warranty and over 40 years track record you can have confidence that your system has been made with quality components. We stock boilers in many sizes from 57k BTU/h to 399k BTU/h and everything inbetween. We even set them up in a series when required. Roughly translated this means: There is no job too small, no job too big.  We'd love to hear from you and set you up with a quality, custom, floor heat system for your project.