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No Other System is as Comfortable,
No Other System is as Efficient

Radiant floor heating can be installed in any new or existing building; residential, commercial, public, or agricultural. It can be installed in concrete or suspended wood floors.

Although hot water can be used with virtually any type of heating system, including forced air and baseboard, we want to talk specifically about radiant floor heat. Whether you are planning new construction or want to improve comfort and reduce costs by updating the heating system in your existing home, business, church or any other facility, you should consider the advantages of installing a radiant floor heating system. With this heating system, heat radiates from the entire floor.

Advantages Of Radiant Floor Heat

  1. No Cold Spots:
    With Radiant Floor Heating, heat radiates from the entire floor. You get a warm floor and even heat without hot or cold spots.
  2. Quiet and Invisible:
    Radiant Floor Heating is the invisible heating system. You can't see it, you can't even hear it. There's no fan, no ducts in the floor and no radiators along the wall.
  3. Cleaner:
    With no radiators or duct work to attract and trap dust you'll have less cleaning and there won't be any germs, allergens or dust blowing.
  4. Healthier:
    Radiant Floor Heating does not dry out the air like a forced air system and there is less heat loss when doors are opened in the winter. You can even open windows for ventilation without significant heat loss. People with allergies have fewer problems with floor heat.

Improved Comfort

The human body temperature is the highest in the head and circulation is poorest in the feet. The human body is most comfortable with a temperature of 75 degrees F at our feet and a temperature of 65 degrees F at our head. With this temperature curve our feet and bodies are warm while our head is slightly cooler. We feel warm, comfortable and alert.

Radiant floor heating is the only heating system that gives you a room temperature curve that matches the Ideal Heating Curve for the human body. Warm at the floor and cooler at our head. Forced Air heating is the exact opposite of what the human body requires. With forced air we can have cold feet, an uncomfortably cool body and we feel tired because the air is too hot in the top half of the room.